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Title: Learning on 1st Gen foils vs the latest
Post by: Jethrow on October 03, 2020, 03:27:48 am
Hi all, first time poster here.
I'm 97kg's and 175cm's, an absolute newbie to wing foiling but many years of windsurfing experience.

I have a mate affiliated with Naish who can do me some deals on superseded gear, but I'm wondering if it's false economy to go with cheaper 1st generation foils or should I spend the extra money for good quality in the latest gen?

As I'm a big learner I'm looking at 2000SqCm foils. My thought process is that with a decent set of latest gen foils I can continue using them as my light wind set as I lower my wind range with experience. Using the cheaper 1st gen foils will still be okay for learning but I'll grow out of them once experience increases?

Will the latest generation high aspect gear be harder to learn on that a big fat slow but reliable 1st gen foil?

Any thoughts on this thinking?


Title: Re: Learning on 1st Gen foils vs the latest
Post by: idguinness on October 06, 2020, 06:14:21 pm
I am not sure what you mean by Naish 1st Gen foils vs the latest. But I have experience with 2019 and 2020 Naish foils.

I am 86 Kg and 184 cm. This spring, I started my wing foiling learning on a 2019 Naish XL 1572 cm front foil with a 55 cm mast and a 7'6" Naish 135L board. I have zero sailing or foiling experience. At first, I was not trying to get up on the foil and focused on learning to use the wing but when I started to try to get up the foil, I seriously struggled. I  was self-teaching myself and never got experience behind a boat. I debated about mast length, front wing foil size, and of course, my coordination balance. I then bought a used 2020 Naish Jet 1650 Complete foil and a used 2000 cm front wing on Craiglist's the same weekend.  I have never tried using the 1650 front wing because the 2000 cm front wing was the ticket. I truly started to foil successfully with the 2000 cm front wing, and it's been fantastic. I  sold the 2019 Naish XL because it's very similar to the 1650 foil wing.

I am now wing foiling on a 5'10" 110L Naish S25 board. I recently bought the 1800 HA but, after two sessions, went back to using the 2000 cm front wing. I did get up on the 1800 HA, but I find the 2000 cm front wing more stable, and I had just recently bought the new board. I need more experience before going down to 1800 HA. I yet to try my 1650.

I think a 2000 cm front wing foil would be best or at 97Kg; you may want to get the 2450 cm front wing first. 

I prefer using an 85 cm mast but switch to my 65 or 75 masts depending on the tide level. Hitting sandbars is worse than breaching. I did most of my learning to foil on a 65 cm mast.  My brain had fully developed the "don't breach" alarm bell before moving to the 85 cm. I still breach at times on the 85 cm, but I am fully aware and prepared. In the first session, I found the 85 cm mast more unstable than the 65 but now don't notice any stability difference when I switch mast lengths.   

You can still get 2020 Naish foils new at lower prices. While I am sure 2021 is better, I would save the money and buy 2020.

hope this helps,

Title: Re: Learning on 1st Gen foils vs the latest
Post by: Jethrow on October 07, 2020, 09:43:15 pm
Yeah thanks Glen.

I guess what I meant was getting a 2018 Naish Thrust Surf large for cheap or spending the extra cash for the 2020 S25 Jet 2000 or the Jet 2000 Abracadabra foils.

I'm leaning towards spending the extra for either of the Jets.