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Title: compatibility issue
Post by: leseducteur on March 08, 2021, 08:14:40 pm

today i was happily receiving my brand new wingfoil kit.
Fanatic sky 5,8
and a sabfoil/Moses KIT M82 - W1100 - S483 - FS710 CARBON ONDA
plus 2 wings 6.0 and a 4,5. naish and ensis.

i am 87 kgs heavy...

i had to go to the local surf shop here in spain and get a new bag for the foil when the dude in the shop told me the fanatic bord and the moses foil isnt compatible!!! is this true? do i need a fanatic foil or is he wrong. i bougt the moses foil for its good reputation and from watching the videos of Gunnar.
please tell med the shop dude is wrong.  he said that the mounting rails are so far back on fanatic.

thanks for any answers.
Title: Re: compatibility issue
Post by: caracol on March 10, 2021, 08:59:16 pm
The shop dude is wrong :)
For sure! A friend of mine is using Skywing 5ī8 with moses W873 - S483. Works pretty well. I donīt see any reason why it should not work with the W1100 as well.