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Title: Takuma Kujira, Armstrong HS1550
Post by: guest218 on April 25, 2021, 05:05:17 am
I am a novice wingfoiler on local bays, riding upwind and downwind on wind swell. At 68 Kg I am riding a 95L board with a 5m wing. I currently use a Takuma Kujira 1210 on a 75 cm mast. It works for me so far, but it has very sharp edges. I have been told some people “shape” the wing by sanding off the sharpness, but I am reluctant to modify a precision design. I am interested in any comparison in performance of the Kujira and Armstrong HS foils (in the 1400-1600 cm^2 area range: I believe the Armstrong HS1550v2 is similar in area to the Kujira 1210). I would exchange a bit of performance for safety ( the Armstrong seem to have blunter, more rounded corners). Would anyone on this forum have some comparisons on the two foils? Thank you for your advice.