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Author Topic: Indiana 88 Wing Foil Board, 2021  (Read 828 times)

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Indiana 88 Wing Foil Board, 2021
« on: October 29, 2020, 07:50:22 am »
I thought to share my joy about my new 88 liter, Indiana Wing board 😍. The story: Half a year ago I bought a second hand 105 liter Indiana SUP Foil/Wing foil board which perfectly allowed me to get into the discipline of Wingfoiling (Paired up with first Moses 873 and than the W1100 foil). 2 weeks ago I changed to a new toy: the Indiana 2021 wingfoil board with 88 liter. Trying to start it the first time was “a bit of a shock” for me. That thing is really just floating (as I’m 83 kg) and obviously much more instable than the previous board. Once standing up, I was once more shocked: this thing gets out of the water in NO time. Pushing on the back foot once and it’s up and flying. Amazing how the shape is making the take off so easy. The shocking time was over 😂 and from than it only got better by the minute. Once you’re accustomed to the new dimensions, everything is working easier than with the big board. Yes, simple physics ( swing weight, overall weight, etc.).....but what is remarkable is the scoop rocker line that totally supports an easy launch and an immediate release if you touch down by mistake, in combination with the bottom shape....... that is totally flat. Easy and straight forward stuff that just works 👍. Today I did a session in proper waves.....all functioned good as well. The workmanship is remarkable, boardbag and foot straps are included. I found my dream board, guys. Try it out and tell me if you agree or disagree 😎.
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