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Author Topic: Progress  (Read 298 times)

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« on: July 01, 2020, 12:21:58 pm »
It's interesting to see the improvements and directions that the different manufacturers are taking as we're getting the next generation of wings. Last year everyone were saying that their design was just the best, but now we see more critique about the downsides of the earlier models as well.

I think Naish were saying that one size is all you need, but now they have a variety of sizes.

Slingshot has ditched the inflatable trailing edge and decreased the leading edge tube for their v2. They also went with regular handles this time, but the Y handles are also there.

Naish on the other hand has increased the leading edge tube size so it might actually be thicker than Slingshot v2?

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Re: Progress
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 04:22:19 am »
Hi naranek
Good point. The next generation of wings is not only seeing improvements in handling and performance, but it's also seeing a difference in riding styles as well. For instance the Naish s25 range doesn't have a great low end, but is very fast, has an amazing top end and absorbs gusts to make for a smooth ride when powered up. When compared to other brands like Ozone and f-one whose wings have a much better low end, but can feel a bit punchy in gusts and a bit of a handful at the top of their wind range. Others like the Duotone Edge seem to be an allrounder - it may not have the best low end or top end, but it's pretty damn good at everything. Gong have 3 or 4 ranges available now. From what I understand their basic 'Wing' is their cut down entry level model, the 'Wing Plus' is a beefed up version of that, the 'Pulse' is their high performance/technical wing, and the 'Superpower' is their light wind machine. Duotone have a boom, but are also bringing out a model with a center strut & handles, and rumour has it that other brands will be bringing out models with booms.
These are interesting times. More options gives the consumer better choice, soon the biggest problem we will have is knowing which one to buy! I've bought wings from 4 different brands over the last year in an attempt to find the wing that suits me best - Gong (Wing Plus), Takuma, Naish s25, Duotone Edge (I've also used and an f-one 5m but only once). Out of those I would say the f-one and the Duotone Edge were best (but that's my opinion and based on my riding style, preferences and conditions) and have finally settled on the Duotone Edge because I love the benefits provided by the boom.


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